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Mary Popovac "Queen Mary" and Dan Ellis decided to resurrect the Dance sessions that were once performed on a monthly basis at the Basin Park Hotel for area Ballroom Dancers and later as Beginners sessions by Dan Ellis at the Eureka Live during the period of 2006 - 07.

The first session was successful with 22 attendees eager to learn or to perform social dancing.
The Dance Session was greeted with enthusiasm as many learned to do the Fox Trot to slow music.
The second session was also a grand success with 10 of the prior week dancers showing up along with 14 new initiates.  Again, emphasis was on the Fox Trot -- this time with faster music.
The Fox Trot will always be practiced during the first half hour of each session before Queen Mary gives new instructions to enhance the dancing.
We often try to have the couples mix it up with new partners and to incorporate the single persons.

Wednesdays from 5 to7pm at "Eureka Live -- Underground" -- N. Main Street near Grand Central Hotel

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